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Steam Park: Robots

A Full Plastic Upgrade

This Steam Park mini-expansion allows you to replace the wooden Roboburgers from the Steam Park base game and the Play Dirty expansion with shiny new plastic ones! On top of that, a new kind of Roboburger is also included: meet the V.I.R.! They are a little bit snobbish, but bring them to your park and you will easily earn a lot of money!

Visitors GONE WILD

Steam Park: Robots includes two new types of “wild” Visitors: the V.I.R. Visitors and the Stingy Visitors.
Setup: At the beginning of the game, place the V.I.R. Visitors (gold) and the Stingy Visitors (grey) in the Visitors pool, together with the Visitors from the base game. But, when you put the initial Visitors into the bag during Step 7 of Setup, don’t put any Wild Visitors in the bag.

When you draw a Wild Visitor out of the bag, you can place them on any Ride, regardless of its color, and they will stay there until the end of the game. There are also special rules for how to attract them and How they behave.

Product Info

  • Players: 2-4

  • Ages: 10+

  • Play Time: 60 min

  • Category: Strategy Game

Steam Park: Robots contains:

  • 7 Stingy Visitors (7 plastic miniatures in grey color)

  • 7 V.I.R. Visitors (7 plastic miniatures in gold color)

  • 42 Visitors (7 plastic miniatures in the 6 colors of the base game)

  • 1 embroidered bag